When It All Began

In 1910, Wyoming Governor B.B. Brooks recognized a need to “protect the state’s oil industry” and called for “an oil convention.” This gathering was the foundation upon which the Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) was formed. Today, PAW is the largest and oldest oil and gas trade organization in the state.

A Strong Voice For All

PAW’s membership ranges from independent operators to integrated companies. Each member has an equal voice on association positions. Members represent multiple facets of the oil and gas industry, from land access, environmental requirements, drilling and exploration activities to production, processing and transporting operations. This diversity, plus professional leadership, is the key to the association’s outstanding record of success.

PAW’s full time staff, with over seventy-five years of industry and association experience, represents members’ interests before state, national, and local decision makers on an around-the-clock basis. PAW is recognized by legislators, regulators, business leaders, and media as the primary spokesperson for the oil and gas industry in Wyoming. The association’s legislative and regulatory efforts save industry millions each year. Constant interaction with primary state and federal agencies facilitates access for leasing, drilling, development and associated industry activities.

A thirty-six member Board of Directors selected by the membership is responsible for approving PAW policies and positions on industry affairs. From that Board, officers of the association are elected at the group’s annual meeting.

Progressive Direction

Members and their employees participate in the association through a committee network. These committees monitor specific events and recommend the association’s direction on a myriad of issues.

The organization’s committee network has proven extremely successful in identifying and solving industry problems. Committees include: Environmental/Exploration & Production, Air Sub-Committee, Legal, Government, Public Lands, Safety, Taxation and Transportation. Through this network, a constant exchange of ideas enables all members to improve their awareness of common industry problems and develop acceptable solutions.

Informative Education

In addition to its legislative and regulatory work, PAW produces material to aid the public’s understanding of the need for a healthy, viable petroleum industry and works closely with other local business and industry organizations.  PAW produces an annual Facts & Figures publication, periodic news releases, newsletters, radio and television placements, editorials, special projects, and encourages improved public awareness.

Wyoming Oil and Gas – Working for You

Membership with the Petroleum Association of Wyoming means that you and your organization have a vested interest in our industry, our state’s economy and our future.