Government Affairs

Each election year newly elected and reelected individuals will make decisions on issues that impact our members, our companies, our employees, our families, and our communities. The good news is that we can all have a say in these decisions by continuing to stay involved!

Petroleum Association of Wyoming has numerous tools to help you not only learn more about the newly elected legislators and the issues that matter to Petroleum Association of Wyoming, but also to take the next step by making your voice heard by contacting your legislators about the issues that mean the most to you. We can even help you brush up on your government 101 and read breaking political news .

This portion of our site is not designed to tell you what to think but rather to provide business owners and employees, like you, with the resources needed to exercise your civic duties by learning about the issues and getting involved. We hope you’ll look to this page as a resource, and share it with your family and friends.

By coming together, we can ensure a more prosperous tomorrow for our Petroleum Association of Wyoming’ and, more importantly, for our country.


encouraged to take action via writing a letter to a specific legislator, joining a planned event or rally, downloading more information and more. Find out what we encourage Action on today!